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About Us

Our Story

Crystal Quinone is a producer of fine chemicals and intermediates of dyes since 1983. Over the years, we have expanded our product range to include synthetic antioxidants (TBHQ and BHA), HPP and Azo pigment intermediates as well as intermediates for cosmetics, hair dyes and electronic chemicals.

The privately held company is promoted by Mr. Anang Shah and Aniket Shah and is led by a team of dedicated professionals. Responsibilities are delegated across key functions to an experienced senior management team. The company has a total employee strength of 150 full-time employees.

Since the early 90s, we have continuously invested in our production facilities and expanded our product range to include Sulfonamides, Speciality Amines, vinyl sulfones and antioxidants. We also maintain local stock in Europe at Antwerp to serve part container load DDP deliveries.

We have regularly audited facilities with high HSE standards where long term strategic projects are undertaken, often under NDA. Maintaining high standards of compliance is important to us, and we add new production capabilities for our global buyers. Over the decades, we’ve gained significant experience with the co-development of products, quality standardization, technology transfer and custom manufacturing with our strategic customers. We have undertaken specific certification programs such as Ecovadis/TFS, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, BRC, FAMIQS as well as regular internal assessments for our customers.

The goal of our company is to stand as a trusted supplier of high quality, niche intermediates.

The Manufacturing Unit

Crystal Quinone has three manufacturing plants located in the designated chemical zone at Vatva Industrial Estate in Ahmedabad. Our plants have an aggregate installed capacity of 900 MT annually in organic chemicals and 1500 MT annually in inorganic chemicals. Our reactors range from capacities of 2 KL to 18 KL with various MOCs.

A new plant of 5000 MTPA of various intermediates spread over a 25000 m2 area will soon be commissioned at Sayakha, Gujarat, the western industrial zone of India, by 2022.

With experience in handling corrosive and hazardous chemicals spanning decades, we understand the importance of implementing an internal, comprehensive safety management protocol. Our safety management system is implemented across all plants.

A special cross functional task force including full-time safety officers are present at all sites and periodical safety training programs are conducted in-house.

Our Approach: R&D

We are continuously innovating on new products and process improvements to respond to changing market needs. We work with several reputed multinational customers to reduce co-develop products, drive process improvements and reduce supply chain risks for our customers.

We are experienced in taking projects from lab-scale, pilot to commercial production.To make this possible, we have:

Well-equipped R&D Labs for process improvements and new products.

Analytical labs including range of sophisticated instruments.

Team of 30 researchers with 3PhD leads.

Subscriptions to various technical journals to access the latest literature.

Tie-ups with external research institutions and labs for specialized help.

Reactions we work with:

Synthesis of Heterocycles

Nitration in Solvents, Dilute Nitric Acid, Conc. Nitric Acid and Mixed acid

Reduction using catalytic Hydrogen, Hydrazine Hydrate Fe/HCL,NaHs

Sulphonation using sulfuric acid, oleum 23% and oleum 65%


Alkylation using DMS, DES, TBA and other alkylating agents

Chlorination using Chlorine Thionyl Chloride, Sulfuryl Chloride etc.


Ethylene Oxide based reactions






Friedel-Crafts Reaction

Bromination using Liquid Bromine

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